SACCO’s in Kenya have a large membership and it becomes difficult when trying to communicate to all the members at the same time. Traditionally, the sacco would have to type the message message to each individual member which is time consuming and redundant. Our Esoft SMS bridge solution was custom developed to solve these pains. Our customers are now able to send the message at a click of a button and therefore communication is key.

This is a solution that enables the Sacco’s or our clients to send bulk messages to their members handsets. The solution provides branded bulk messages at extremely high speeds. The SACCO is able to provide the following types of messages to its members within a click of a button but not limited to:

  • Salary alerts.
  • New Product alerts.
  • Product update alert.
  • Promotion Alerts.
  • ATM transaction alerts.
  • Guarantor Notification alerts.
  • Loan status notification.
  • Annual general meetings notifications.
  • Bulk SMS Alerts to its members or customers etc.

We at Ecom Technologies ltd are dedicated to providing you with solutions that make your easy to do, remove all the unnecessary redundancy in your sacco and conveniently communicate to your members as many times as you wish. Connect with us.