Our Products

Ecom Technologies Ltd ensures that its customers get the very best from their product development. The requirements of our customers are our topmost priority. Our customers come first and will receive ultimate worth and value through proficiently managed facilities, and high-quality products. With the help of the clients, Ecom Technologies Ltd offers products that satisfy their needs. We create an environment where our clients believe on our best services and take advantages of it.

Esoft Financials

ESoft Financials is a complete suite of core banking software designed specifically for Saccos.

ESoft SMS Bridge

ESoft SMS Bridge is a Bulk SMS Platform designed for use by financial institutions

ESoft ATM Bridge

ESoft ATM Bridge is a software solution for Banks and Saccos ATM Switch integration

ESoft Cheque Truncation System

ESoft Cheque Truncation System is a Cheque clearing module for Sacco customers.

ESoft Mobile Channel

ESoft Mobile Channel provides a direct Link to mobile banking services (Safaricom M-PESA/Air Tel Money)


ESoft MWALLET is a software solution that provides a Bank-Sacco Mobile Platform

Point Of Sale – POS Terminal

The solution will allows Sacco staff to do real time cash collection and other services