For Bank – Sacco ATM Switch integration

Clients are able to withdraw cash from any VISA-branded ATMs. Esoft ATM Bridge solutions facilitates connectivity between the Sacco and the Co-operative bank of Kenya Sacco Link Switch.

How it works:

The Sacco or client is required to partner with Co-operative bank to provide its members with VISA Debit ATM cards. Through the Esoft ATM Bridge solutions, the Sacco Members can access their accounts from any VISA branded ATM’s, Co-op kwa Jirani agents, and Point-of-Sale terminals e.g supermarkets, petrol stations, etc.

Benefits to SACCO Members:

  • Withdraw money
  • Buy goods and services using VISA.
  • Perform Balance Enquiry
  • Mini-Statement
  • Payment of Bills (example KPLC)

Esoft ATM Bridge solutions is among the best rated in Kenya and has enabled Sacco’s Banking to change the lives of Kenyans.

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