At Ecom Technologies LTD, we have specialized in the design and development of SACCO core banking software in Nairobi, Kenya. The software product is custom designed software application for SACCO’s. It comes with a standard package which is integrated with custom SACCO requirements. It gives SACCO’s the capacity to service markets in diverse geographies and cultures.

The SACCO core banking software employs a robust structural design that delivers the benefits of the latest technological advances. Some of the benefits of our SACCO core banking software are as follows:

  • Integration of all products and services
  • Low learning curve for SACCO users
  • Easy management of business operation
  • Integration of all products and services
  • Provides improved risk management system
  • Support of multiple means of communication and payment
  • Ability for financial institutions to issue their financial positions at the end of the day in any given branch
  • Easy reconciliation of financial data
  • Easy management of business operations
  • Faster processing of transactions
  • Easy interpretable errors
  • Inbuilt financial reports exportable to multiple formats
  • Monitor user transactions to prevent suspicious activities
  • Independent running of system processes

Besides the above benefits, the SACCO core banking software is a friendly solution which is easy to deploy, run and integrate with other business channels. It easily integrates with ATM’s, sms bridges, bank-sacco mobile channels, cheque truncation systems and point of sale or point of terminal systems.

Read here about the SACCO core banking software key features. We offer consultations and free demos to your savings and credit society. It is an Integrated BOSA (Back Office Savings Accounts) and FOSA (Front Office Savings Accounts) SASRA Compliant system.

Contact us today for more information and clarifications about the benefits of our SACCO core banking software.