SACCO core banking software is an innovative approach for SACCO’s banking technology. Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO) are entities that strives to bring together people with similar social and financial backgrounds. Saccos in Kenya have emerged as the dominant micro-financing societies that spearhead savings and investment.

SACCO CORE BANKING SOFTWARE (CBS)Esoft Financials SACCO Core Banking Software and SACCO management software in Nairobi, Kenya is a software MIS that Ecom Technologies LTD have specialized in developing (Web based and desktop platforms). Over the years, it has been developed, tested with the SACCO’s staff input.



Ecom Technologies boasts of having had hands on touch of both urban and upcountry Sacco’s. Our Product, the SACCO Core Banking Software in Nairobi, Kenya is a custom product that is tailored to the SACCO’s specific needs. The specific requirements are integrated into our standard package which has the following features:

  • Web based centralized application.(Accessible through broadband internet connections)
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Low end PCs and smart phones can be used
  • Highly scalable application & database.
  • Enhanced system security features.(Highly secure using latest technologies)
  • Water tight maker checker and Authorizations levels.
  • User Management
  • User accounts profiles management and administrations.
  • User Dashboard.
  • Customer Relationship management – This module is used to maintain the client details such as personal details, address and employment records.
  • System Configuration Utility supporting Various Setups & configurations parameters.
    – Products Setups: This module allows set up of the products and services offered by the financial institution. Loans & Advances. The modules allow tracking of loans, overdrafts and other credit line details.
    – Charges and Rates.
    – Configuration of share to loan ratio.
  • Sacco Members Register Management.
  • Group management/MFI modules.
  • Tellering Management module.
  • Savings and Deposits Maintenance – The system allows the institution to set up different types of savings product targeting different classes of clients, apply charges and periodical interest.
  • Loaning/Credit Facility Module.
    – Loans Registration/Appraisal/Approval/Audit/Disbursements.
    – Collateral and Guarantor management.
  • Shares Maintenance and Management module.
  • Noncash operations Modules.
    – Journals/Cheques processing/Fixed deposits.
    – Bulk automated uploads facility. Example Salary/Coffee/milk etc.
  • Accounts Management Module.
    – Charts of Accounts and general ledger categorization.
    – Financials Reports.
    – Accounts Workflows.
    – General Ledger accounts management.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Dividend processing module.
  • Human Resource /Staff Payroll Management module.
  • Assets /Stock Management.
  • Sasra Management & reporting Module.
  • Integrated Notification System. (Sms Alerts)
  • Credit scoring and social performance monitoring module.
  • Standing Instructions. Example Standing Orders.
  • Wide Range of Reports. (Exporting Facilities available Example. Pdf/Excel/Word etc.)
  • Members Portal Link.

Our product is scalable to meet the demands of increasing members of the SACCO. We provide on-going software support including software maintenance, regular trainings and consultations as needed.

The System is easy to integrate with alternate business channels like mobile banking, POS/Agency banking/ATM interface/USSD/Mobile Applications and API’s.

We offer free demonstrations of the software and free consultations. Click here to get in touch with us today to learn more about our SACCO core banking software or to just get a free demo! We will come to where your SACCO is located all over Kenya.