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Esoft Financials Core Banking Software and SACCO management software in Nairobi, Kenya has been developed consistently throughout by incorporating inputs from Sacco staffs of various societies countrywide. This has been achieved through exchange of information, inquiries and research with various societies countrywide.

Ecom Technologies boasts of having had hands on touch of both urban and upcountry Sacco’s. Our Product, the SACCO management software in Nairobi, Kenya is not an off-the-shell package. It comes as bespoke, this means that we provide to our clients a standard package and then tailor it to specific need of the client.

This is because we realize that though the guidelines to Sacco operations may be similar, each society have specific requirements and rules which are normally set by management and committees. For this reason, we ensure that the final SACCO management software system we provide to the client meets very specific client needs in detail level. Having considered growth as a major feature in any business, the system is able to accommodate vast number of member’s records depending on the requirements therefore Scalability.

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