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Ecom Technologies Limited is an innovative IT company providing dynamic software solutions and specializing in the development of high quality products and cost effective IT solutions.

Esoft Financials software

Esoft Financials is a complete suite of core banking software designed specifically for Saccos.

ESoft SMS Bridge

ESoft SMS Bridge is a Bulk SMS Platform designed for use by financial institutions

ESoft ATM Bridge

ESoft ATM Bridge is a software solution for Banks and Saccos ATM Switch integration

ESoft Cheque Truncation System

ESoft Cheque Truncation System is a Cheque clearing module for Sacco customers.

ESoft Mobile Channel

ESoft Mobile Channel provides a direct Link to mobile banking services (Safaricom M-PESA/Air Tel Money)


ESoft MWALLET is a software solution that provides a Bank-Sacco Mobile Platform

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Ecom Technologies offers a full complement of competitive, integrated, packaged offerings to which customers can benefit by delivering services aimed at generating revenue, improving business efficiency and proactively managing relationships with customers through personalized interaction. We specialize in SACCO Core banking Software in Nairobi, Kenya.

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ESOFT Financials - SACCO Core Banking Software in Nairobi, Kenya

We actively build our customer portfolio based on proactive customer service, with the aim of becoming one of the leading I.T firms in Kenya that specialize in SACCO core banking software in Nairobi, Kenya. The company has been able to deliver the most appropriate software, hardware and services that meet customers’ information technology requirements through associations with world-class technology companies and an open policy of co-operation with fellow industry leaders.


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